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5 Reasons You Still Need Wedding Ushers in 2024

5 Reasons You Still Need Wedding Ushers in 2024

Everything about planning a wedding is essential, but deciding which individuals you want to have around for your big day (apart from your husband or wife) is extremely crucial. Chances are that if you have a lot of people you want standing beside you on your big day, it would be completely unrealistic for you to ask all of them to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. If not an usher, you can always show some love to those important people who just didn’t seem like they’d fit in your official bridal party.

An idea: Look up what ushers do. But you might say that seems archaic. It’s not! Here are five reasons you still need ushers in 2024:

What Does a Wedding Usher Do?

Securing a guest a place to sit down during the wedding ceremony is a major responsibility of an usher. They also give out programs and tell loved ones where to find restrooms or coat check in the venue. Ushers are not members of the wedding party; they do not attend to you like bridesmaids or groomsmen, nor do they stand with you during vows or appear in your formal bridal party photos (though they should certainly be invited to join in some big social shots).

Ushers will serve throughout the ceremony, but when the ceremony is over – so is their work. It’s a smaller role than that of the groomsman/bridesmaid, but still essential. Otherwise, some couples opt against having ushers as they feel their wedding party will be able to accomplish what ushers do. However, having assigned ushers and usherettes is good for many reasons.

Reason 1: Greeting Your Guests with a Smile

Greeting guests is one of the most essential wedding usher duties, and directing them to their assigned locations during the ceremony. Even if the venue of your wedding is small, just have the ushers stand at the back of the wedding aisle. From there, they can walk guests down or around the center aisle to an open row. For small, casual weddings, having at least one usher to determine where guests should sit will work.

Reason 2: Helping Others

It may seem like a wedding day formality, but employing ushers to lead guests from the doorway to their seats is no small matter. They will help elderly family members to move and walk, as well as disabled guests who need a steady hand to guide them. Guests in heels will also appreciate the added stability if you’re having a ceremony on unsteady terrain (grass, sand, etc.). Regardless of whether your ushers show a few or every guest to their seat, they should always walk grandparents and other VIPs down the front aisle.

Reason 3: Ensuring Balance and Symmetry

One convention is that the families of the couple sit on their respective sides of the aisle. However, that might not be the case if one of you has a very large family compared to the other. The venue could look unbalanced. If you have family friends who are equally known by and equally related to both of you, let the ushers decide where to seat them. Ushers can help by making the seating more evenly distributed so it looks less like half of the venue is full on one side and empty on the other.

Reason 4: Keeping Reserved Seating

Even if you reserve a few rows for immediate family, guests may not notice the reserved signs ahead of taking a seat if they are temporarily or visually impaired. By escorting guests to their seats, ushers can ensure that front rows remain reserved for VIPs and immediate family. Ushers also make certain that the venue fills from front to back, preventing guests from taking seats on the ends of rows in the back.

Reason 5: Managing Late Arrivals

Work, a stuck zipper, a late babysitter — people are late for weddings all the time. Without ushers, late arrivals can interrupt your processional or provide a distraction. Ushers can walk latecomers around the aisle to their seats to avoid interrupting the ceremony or obstructing your photographer or videographer.

Selecting an Usher/Usherette

Ushers and usherettes may be male or female and of almost any age. Since the job requires some responsibility, it is ideal to pick individuals who are at least in their late teens. Teenage siblings, cousins, aunts, or uncles can serve as ushers and usherettes. They could be lifelong friends who were not able to take the role of a wedding party member, or even just neighbors or coworkers — anyone whom you trust.

Do You Need Wedding Ushers?

The larger your guest list, the more ushers you will need. A good rule of thumb is one usher per 50 guests. The more visitors that come, the greater your chance to make a close friend or loved one feel included. Whether you have just one usher or ten usherettes, having ushers at your wedding has many benefits.

No matter the type of event you are hosting — from a traditional wedding to an informal celebration — having ushers and/or usherettes is always valuable. Just make sure you choose people who can do the job well. Being an usher may not be a high-ranking job, but it is vital!

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