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Party Planning – It’s All in the Details – 3 Tips to Consider in the Initial Planning

There is No Business like the Party Business!

Party Planning, such as life, is a detailed business, and many Party Planners I have associated myself with have been obsessed with the details. As most Event Managers realize, it is on those details where an Event often rises or falls on its sword. Not being attentive to one of those details, the affair is criticized for that exact detail. In Party Planning, if more information is done correctly, most Event patrons will take in the ambiance of an Event and declare it subconsciously a success and feel and act as such.

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Planning a perfect event is a vital state-of-affair that you can never take without giving due consideration. After all, this is a special day in everyone’s life, and everyone wishes to fulfill their dreams. A professional wedding planner can take you off the stress. They can help in planning any size of wedding based on your budget. They make sure that the celebration takes place without any hitch.

Fair? No, not at all, but it is the nature of the beast, as they say. Think of it this way; If you are watching a movie depicting a particular time and a modern element somehow makes its way into the film, the discerning eye notices the mistake and catalogs it for future reference. It is all in the details.

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In setting the stage for your Event, let’s zero in on critical tips for the details of your venue and the elements to consider when arranging a suitable place for the Party.

Tip 1. Who do you serve? This question should determine the venue more than any other question. Be it Weddings, Kids Parties, Anniversary Parties, Fundraisers, and everything in between, ask who your clientele is. What are their needs as a group, and how will you accommodate them? What type of surroundings would you expect in that situation? A great little trick here is to make a profile of the standard group member and then put yourself in their shoes.

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Tip 2. How do you serve them? Essentially, here you are asking what the Party’s primary function will be. Ask the questions concerning food service, entertainment service, and overall facility needs that the group will need.

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Tip 3. When will you serve them? This is an essential question as a venue may be much more accessible during one period of time vs. another. A pretty hall can be worthless if no one wants to be in it after a specific time of day.

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It is all in the details, and proper planning with these three tips will give you a good start on a place to hold your Party. Whatever you do, be in the moment and don’t overthink everything,

Remember, life is a Party; you just have to know how to Plan it!

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