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What things you should consider when picking out wedding DJ

What things you should consider when picking out wedding DJ

When choosing a wedding DJ, it’s essential to opt for a professional who specializes in weddings and has substantial experience. This ensures they are familiar with the typical challenges and expectations of wedding events. Checking online reviews and asking for references can help confirm their reliability and performance.

Music and Professionalism

Music Selection and Style: The DJ must have a wide range of music in his library and know how to please all kinds of tastes and ages. If you enjoy classical music, etc., make sure they can cater to your needs. If you prefer old-school bangers, top 40 pop, ethnic jams, or anything else, a good DJ should be versatile and well-versed in many musical genres.

Professionalism: This is an obvious requirement; your event would not run well without it. The nature of the DJ should remain professional when interacting, presenting, or otherwise. They need to be on time, professional, and good to work with. Additionally, professional DJs will smoothly and professionally take care of any unexpected bumps in the road as they arise.

Gear and Emcee Skills

Gear and Setup: Make sure that the DJ supplies sound equipment and lights, meaning those that are professional and necessary to create the appropriate mood for your wedding. Ask what they will need for the set, how much space, and if they have backup equipment in case something goes down. Good sound and lighting are key to creating the right atmosphere, and to make sure that the moment will be remembered by your guests forever.

The Emcee: If you wish for the DJ to also double as the emcee for the evening, determine their level of comfort when speaking in public and how well they can command an audience. A great Emcee will help the evening run as smooth as butter, synchronize the events that are planned to happen, and ensure that all the guests are enjoying the evening as much as possible.

Contracts and Personalization 

Custom Playlist: Your big day is a special occasion, and it should be unique, so your DJ should be capable of personalizing their services to fit your particular event. Bring up any particular wishes or any special moments you require the DJ to note, such as first dance songs, announcements, or top selections. A versatile DJ will collaborate with you to design a custom playlist and itinerary for your day that reflects who you are and your journey.

Contract and Pricing: Read the contract carefully and never sign if you are unsure. The contract should clearly establish the services to be provided, pricing, payment schedule, cancellation policy, and any surcharges. Take it all in, terms and conditions included, and now you can question to your heart’s content. It’s really what you can do best financially and open-door communication about what you can do best and won’t really help for you to make it crystal clear.

In-Person Meeting (if possible): When suitable, have a sit-down meeting or a video conference with the DJ to talk about what you expect from them and to learn about their character and style. This meeting should indicate how comfortable they are to meet with your event and your assessment if they are a good fit for the environment you want to create.

Availability: Check the availability of the DJ for your wedding day as soon as possible. Ask about their availability and timeline for the event since you will be planning it according to your schedule and you want them there for your entire celebration.

Contingency Plan: The best of plans can get derailed by unforeseen circumstances. Always be sure to ask the DJ what their backup plan will be. By understanding how they might react when things go wrong or need to change at the last minute, you can relax in that knowledge.


With the above factors and research, you can zero in on a wedding DJ who will ensure a perfect and memorable experience for yourself and your guests. A good DJ who plays music, lights up the party will add a touch to your celebration and make the day unforgettable!

For any assistance required regarding Dj Services feel free to reach out to our specialized team at VNV Events.

VNV Events: What things you should consider when picking out wedding DJ
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