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The music is the major factor that sets the mood for your event. The Perfect event DJ will be flexible and able to read the energy of your event or party.

Choosing a DJ for your event can be difficult. You want the right kind of music and ambiance. The music is the major factor that sets the mood for your event. To ensure that you choose correctly here are a few things to consider.

  1. Sourcing your list of potential DJs – It is best to get a list of potential candidates from people you know and other events you have attended. The venues may also be able to help with this list.
  2. Meet them in person – This will give you an idea of their professionalism and music tastes. It will also give you an opportunity to discuss the theme and genre of music you prefer.
  3. Request testimonials – An experienced DJ will be able to provide you with many names of parties or events they worked at.
  4. Request their song selection – This is important, as you want a DJ with a larger selection of songs, so as to handle requests on the night.
  5. Ask the DJ if they have played at your venue before – It is essential that the DJ is familiar with the venues and sound restrictions they have.
  6. Check whether the DJ has the appropriate sound equipment for your event – Most professional DJs own their equipment and can cater to the size of the venue.
  7. Enquire about lighting and stage effects – most professional event DJs will be able to provide these.
  8. Once you have shortlisted your candidates, attend an event at which your DJ is playing to gauge their professionalism
  9. Provide the event DJ with a list of your expectations – such as time of the event, event itinerary, location, and set up time.
  10. Have a contract in place to document your negotiation and to avoid miscommunication on the night.
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