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Find Your Wedding Music Style

Find Your Wedding Music Style

The music you play at your wedding will have a lot to do with what kind of atmosphere it has. That is why it is crucial to choose a piece that suits the overall wedding style you are hoping to have. This guide will help you find your wedding music style, from traditional to casual to funky.

Traditional wedding music can fall into two main categories. In general, couples will have a band that plays standards like Frank Sinatra and Cole Porter or a d.j. that plays an assortment of songs familiar to guests of all age groups. The first option is ideal when you are the type of bride who loves everything that is classic, from your choice of venue (a ballroom or country club) to gowns (silk) to bridal jewelry sets (pearls, of course).

The classic band is the perfect accompaniment to that type of affair. The d.j., on the other hand, can be great for couples whose primary goal is to get everyone out on the dance floor, and it is still appropriate at all but the most formal weddings.

Know the Basics

There are plenty of options besides the traditional ones for wedding music. These days, couples are more inclined to seek out offbeat bands that will provide exciting and fun music for their receptions and to worry less about playing music everyone already knows. You cannot go wrong with a reggae or steel drum band for an informal beach wedding.

Nothing creates a festive island mood like reggae, whether your reception is on a sandy beach in the Caribbean or in your backyard.
Couples with modern weddings in hip locales like lofts or sleek nightclubs might want to consider having a hot Latin band. Imagine dancing the night away to a Salsa beat.

This can be an excellent option for music as long as you have the right mix of people on your guest list. It would probably work better for a younger crowd than for many older relatives unless you have Latin heritage and your relations will be familiar with Salsa music.

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Wondering how to choose wedding music?

Backyard weddings lend themselves to all sorts of entertainment options. Consider having bluegrass or a country band for informal weddings where tea-length cotton bridal gowns are worn with casual jewelry sets. In certain parts of the U.S., this can even work for a more formal wedding, as in the “Black tie and boots” types of parties that are popular in Texas.

If you think your guests would be into it, you could even consider hiring a square dance caller for your reception.
Folk music is another fun idea for a wedding reception. Contra dancing is a folksy style of dance and music popular for sure outdoor earthy weddings.

It is excellent for the reception, where the guests will end up dancing barefoot by a bonfire into the wee hours of the morning.

The music you play at your wedding is extremely important

As you choose your music, do make sure to keep in mind the guests who will be present. You should be confident that a fair number of them will be interested in dancing to the kind of music you plan to have.

After all, the greatest band in the world won’t make for a fun party if you cannot get anyone out onto the dance floor! Matching the music to the style of your wedding will help the entire evening to flow.

Indeed your wedding planner will be able to help you choose the style of music so that your big day makes a difference and is unforgettable for you, your family, and your friends.

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