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Interesting Traditions of American Wedding Ceremony

The essence of a wedding ceremony is that two people come together and decide to share both their sorrow and happiness for the rest of their life. The American wedding ceremony is no exception. Traditional American weddings are always held in a church with the presence of both family and friends to witness the historic moment. But that’s all. Weddings may also take place in chapels; this is especially popular in Las Vegas. Some couples even choose a garden or beach as the wedding place. Wherever you hold your wedding ceremony, let’s look at those exciting traditions and customs of An American Wedding.

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Something Old, Something New

If you are a native American and have already attended several wedding ceremonies, you must be familiar with the saying something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue, a silver sixpence inside your shoe’. The catchy sound of the rhyme sounds quite interesting. No one knows when the tradition starts, maybe from the Victorian period or even earlier. Nevertheless, let me give you an explanation you the slang. Something old stands for those who have already married present at the spousal. Something new represents the new couple who will start their new life. Something borrowed intimates something must give back, for instance, the veil she lent from her mother’s wedding gown. Something blue insinuates the purity of brides. To the sixpenny, according to the tradition, a silver coin should be tucked into one of the bride’s shoes to base hope of prosperity and wealth.

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Wedding Gowns

For the contemporary wedding ceremony, when we speak of wedding gowns, we may naturally believe they should be in white or ivory because the elegant color always stands for purity. The popularity of white wedding dresses originated in the Victorian period. At that time, wearing white dresses was considered a symbol of affluence because they were easy to get dirty and would only be worn once.

It seems that people today hold a strong interest in a white wedding gown, while in the past, which could also choose a black wedding dress at the ceremony. Dresses in this versatile color are always proficient in flattering the silhouette and setting off the female’s skin and figure.

But there still exist some taboos with the wedding dresses. One of the most common superstitions is that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress before the nuptial. Another common superstition is that the bride should avoid wearing the dress before marriage because this is thought to be unlucky. At that time, the bride will place complete trust in the dress-maker, so some tailors will even leave the stitches unfinished until the last moment the bride steps onto the carpet.

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Wedding Bouquet

The tradition of wedding bouquets lasts a long time. What kind of flowers the bride takes at the ceremony may reflect the mood of the bridesmaids. Lilies are purity; roses stand for passion, lavender for shyness, and peony signifies grand and majestical.

In the past, those brides preferred to take those plants with solid fragrances because it is said that it would be helpful to pursue fortune and avoid disaster.

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Maid Of Honor And Bridesmaid Dresses

According to the tradition, the bride needs the bridesmaids’ companionship because, with the cluster round of those ladies, the evils would not distinguish who the bride is and then leave away.

Nowadays, the bridesmaids should also become scenery at the wedding. So choosing suitable dresses for them is equally important as choosing the right wedding gown. Typically, the color of bridesmaid dresses should coordinate with the wedding theme. Therefore, the color is always a little lighter than the principal color tone of the wedding.

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Flowers Girls

Flowers girls are always cute little girls who walk ahead of the queue. They scatter flowers on the carpet, which is thought helpful to expel devils.

We can still see the attendance of flower girls at a wedding, but sometimes they do not sprinkle petals anymore. Instead, they catch a small bouquet or a basket of flowers.

There are still many exciting traditions of the American wedding, but I have already said a lot; if you are interested in the topic, you can search the net to find more related information.

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