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Mary Isern - Founder of VNV Events

M. Isabel Isern - Founder

Innovative Owner, Senior Wedding Planner & Founder of “VNV Events LLC,” Isern and her team gladly assist her clients in all aspects of the planning process from the beginning to the end. Her Vision as the VNV Event director is to build a highly detail-oriented brand to create an elegant, organized, and creative experience for clients. She focuses on her clients’ Vision to ensure that the entire experience is as unique as theirs.

Isabel quickly fell in love with the art of hosting, and event planning became her career. Living and traveling worldwide as she grew up expanded her palette of various global cultures.

In addition, She was not only able to plan events and fully conceptually design in-house, which created an exceptionally smooth experience for her globe-trotting clients.

Wedding Planner Service Packages


For intimate and elegant Experiences.



For you, your Family and your group

of Friends.



A major celebration for you and your guests. 


Don’t be stressed on your special day. 

Let the #VNVEvent Pros be the go-to gals for your next corporate or social function. 

Their hard work behind the scenes will get you the up-front credit you deserve and keep your inner circle raving about your hosting skills.

Whether you’re exploring concepts or have a vision in mind, our team creates events that reflect you from the ground up.

We believe that our relationship with our clients is strengthened as we partner and share through the process of creating their event. 

With our proven methods and a strong client relationship, our goal is to produce a memorable event for our client and to create an experience for the guests who attend.

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What's the next step once you hire our Event Planners Team?

1. Vendor Selection

Now, you will have access to the most extensive database of vendors to find the best for you.

2. Event Coordinators

The day of the event have arrived and you will always have an expert working with you throughout your event execution to avoid losing details.

3. Easy to use and Secure Platform

Our packages include high-level digital platforms like Secure payment platforms, and automated reviews.

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