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Surviving Your Wedding: Stress-Free Wedding Tips

Surviving Your Wedding: Stress-Free Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, which is why many brides rely on their planners, family, and friends to offer helpful, stress-free wedding tips during the entire process. Surviving wedding stress and preventing potential problems can be achieved with enough time and the right action plan. Continue reading to discover five ways to combat stressful wedding situations.

It’s down to the wire, and you find yourself pulling out your hair because the florist is slow at returning your calls, the tailor is taking too long to alter your gown, and you can’t decide which dish to serve at the reception. It’s enough to make anyone go crazy, but surviving wedding stress is possible.

Even if you have a wedding planner, you’re still facing hurdles of your own when it comes to surviving the wedding stress and ensuring everything flows smoothly on the big day. But what do you do when unexpected issues arise? Have you considered your plan of action and which stress-free wedding tips you’ll rely on if something goes wrong? In these instances, a hands-on approach to the problems you’ll encounter will solve everything right then and there.

So, with all the potential problems that can happen before and during your wedding day, how do you handle, manage, and overcome wedding planning stress? Here are a few of the best stress-free wedding tips brides swear by to get them through the wedding planning stages.

Stay in Control with These Stress-Free Wedding Tips!

1. Surviving wedding stress involves giving yourself enough time to plan.

Your wedding is what you make of it. It may look like who rushed it if you allot no more than six or seven months for an extravagant affair. With extra time, you can plan, make changes, hire the right vendors first, and choose the best venues that match your budget (because you can shop around).

And if you’re in a rush to get married, opt for a more straightforward ceremony and reception – one that’s affordable but doesn’t cause you to stress in the long run.

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2. Remember that a holiday wedding, while beautiful, is more stressful.

Not only do you have a wedding to plan, but you have to worry about the added stress from the holidays. At Thanksgiving, for instance, you’ll have guests coming in from out of town, and you’ll worry about a big dinner, while at Christmas, you’re focused on buying gifts and decorating–all at the same time.

This is not to say that surviving the wedding stress (and holiday stress) can’t be done; holiday and winter weddings are some of the most elegant, joyous events. But it would help if you remembered that you will have added stress to deal with.

Make sure you have a dependable wedding planner who can offer valuable stress-free wedding tips and many helpful friends who have the time to help you plan your big day.

3. Hire the right wedding planner - and get knowledgeable stress-free wedding tips

Planners provide a stress buffer for you and your family so that you can concentrate on other elements of the wedding. This is a given when it comes to surviving wedding stress. Of course, some brides do not hire a wedding planner, and that’s fine.

You’ll have the opportunity beforehand to interview wedding planners in your area to see if they can accurately align with your wishes and carry them out as you see fit. Plus, you can evaluate their personality to see if it’s someone you can work with regularly.

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4. Surviving wedding stress when one of your vendors goes MIA

Yikes! This is a tricky situation. You’ve planned for months that your vendor will show up at the agreed-upon time. But it’s the wedding day — what can you do now? If possible, try to find a replacement; this may not be feasible since it’s truly last minute.

A missing vendor does not spell immediate doom, however. Here’s your chance to save the day – if the florist doesn’t show up, make a pit stop at the local grocery store and buy all the flowers you can. If the DJ cancels, enlist a friend to bring along an MP3 player with music everyone can dance to.

And if the minister calls out sick, there’s a possibility a notary (in some states) can marry you, or you can have an eloquent guest perform the ceremony. After all, once you have that license in hand, you’re officially married regardless.

5. One of the best stress-free wedding tips for you (and your family) is to avoid being a 'bridezilla.'

Stress can bring out the worst in anyone, and tackling and surviving wedding stress is the most difficult. And no one knows it better than the friends and family of the bride, who may witness a change in her demeanor over time. There’s no need to subject your loved ones to your emotional outbursts. Always give yourself time to reflect and relax.

You don’t have to spend every waking moment making plans. Trust your friends to help you plan the wedding and survive the wedding stress; don’t go it alone.

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Proper Planning Means Surviving Wedding Stress

Managing and surviving wedding stress is not easy. So many things might make you want to call the planning off. Remember that one of the most helpful stress-free wedding tips is to make sure you allow yourself enough time to plan and make the day right.

This is, after all, your wedding day, and while everything will not go as you planned, keep a smile on your face and appreciate the many people who made the time to celebrate with you.

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