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Tips You Need to Know If You Want to Become an Event Planner

Wedding planner

What an Event Planner Do?

This is such a cool question!

There are many facets of event planning that are often overlooked, and while I can only share some of my suggestions, I might have missed many. First, it can be a thankless task.

Remember, it’s not YOU who’s in the limelight, so if the event is successful, the client is the hero; but if it’s anything but successful, remember who they’re coming looking for.

Remember Murphy; he’s always around, so prepare for what can go wrong.

Specializing in Your Niche.

Commit to being a master in a particular niche. If you’re a wedding planner, stay in this space. Don’t try and bite off more by presenting yourself as a corporate event planner—you will cheapen your stock (you may have the skills, but change your brand!).

Ensure there is always a plan B, C, and D. Not everyone is as reliable or as passionate as you are.

Building Reliable Partnerships.

Form relationships only with those you know won’t let you down at the 11th hour. Don’t gamble on a subcontractor—make sure they earn their stripes before you consider them. Always be loyal, always be transparent, always think of the end result, not where to make a bigger margin.

Creating Memorable Experiences.

Creating memorable experiences is the key to success in event planning. Focus on the details that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and guests.

You should carefully select every aspect of the event to create a special and memorable experience. This includes the location, decorations, entertainment, and food. Each detail plays a crucial role in making the event unforgettable.

Think outside the box and come up with creative ideas that will set your events apart from the rest. Ensure that every event you plan includes something special that will keep people talking about it even after it has ended. This could be interactive elements, personal touches, or surprises.

Remember to stay organized and stay on top of all the moving parts of the event. Communication is key, so make sure to keep all stakeholders informed and updated throughout the planning process.

Follow these tips to become a top event planner by creating memorable experiences. Learn how to break down a budget correctly and spend it wisely for your client.

They must remember the event, make it an experience. They will remember the event for the experience, not necessarily the specific food or drink they had. A cliché maybe, but you’re only as good as your last event, and you only get one shot every time, make it count.

Hold the client’s hand—they are often outside their own comfort zones. Not everyone loves planning events. Make the client the hero. Use your suppliers/vendors as creative think tanks; this is why they like going the extra mile for you.

Avoid using suppliers who do ‘everything’

The job of a planner is to know who does what best. Don’t cut corners. Always be honest.

If a supplier disappoints you, it’s not the client’s fault. Always have a backup plan. Your word is important and will help with marketing.

Clients care more about reviews and testimonials from other clients than hearing how good you say you are. That’s what keeps them coming back.

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