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Date & Location: November 20th, Weston Florida

Price: Free Event

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B2B Global Connections - Business Trends - Sales Strategies & New Technologies

Join Us in our series of events,“B2B Global Connection,” and introduce yourself while promoting your business to South Florida locals. As part of VNV Events’ new strategy to connect with the community and support local growth, we created “B2B Global connections”.

This event addresses business trends, sales strategies, and new technologies to improve your skills and business projection. In this edition, we aim to bring together great professionals from the business and technology sectors in the same place so that you can find opportunities to promote your project while creating new Business connections.

Welcome to a new era of Networking Events in South Florida – Welcome to B2B Global Connection

Lineup of Experts

Roman Novoa - Sales and Business Developer

Digital Marketing, Social Media and Web Design can be complicated to understand.


This industry is dominated by tech young individuals that most of the time lack of customer service and communications skills.


Years ago, I founded Lince Digital Marketing with one mission: help small and mid sizes companies 3-50 employes to accomplish their digital marketing goals with a perfect mix of digital tools and lots of commercial and selling advice.


We will talk and you will understand; digital marketing with sense.

Lucia Marino - Journalist - PR Specialist

Creator of the “Mujer3D” Method

Tatyana Janer - Directora de Ventas y Talent On Aire en Oasis Radio 1210am

Comunicadora Social – Periodista con especialización en Desarrollo Organizacional, Relaciones Públicas, Producción de Radio y en Redes Sociales, locutora de radio y presentadora de televisión con 21 años de experiencia en medios de comunicación. Licenciada en Teología Pastoral del Seminario Teológico John Knox.

Ganadora de diferentes premios entre ellos: Premio Cámara Junior (2 ediciones), Premio Águila (Programa Verdades que cambian vidas, mejor programa de TV 2012) y Estatuilla de Oro por investigación, producción y presentación de programa especial internacional “Detrás del rechazo” 2014. Y diversos reconocimientos entre ellos: Ciudad de Doral en Estados Unidos, México y Reconocimiento Especial por el Congreso de los Estados Unidos, por carrera profesional y aporte a la sociedad, 2015.


Actualmente es presentadora de eventos a nivel local, nacional e internacional como apoyo a la comunidad hispana y dicta talleres y seminarios basados en comunicaciones y redes sociales. Fue Directora de Medios en la Campaña Vicepresidencial del David Name Orozco 2017-2018 (candidato Presidencial Alejandro Ordoñez). Asesora de Medios de E-Mage Consulting Group. Y Gerente de Protegiendo La Familia. Actualmente presenta el Programa Café Democrático en Barranquilla y es Coordinadora del NODO de Industrias Creativas del SENA en el Atlántico, Colombia.

Sebastian Chaquea - Human Capital Strategist & CEO of Zitruus

Juan-Sebastian is a PMP certified Project Manager with a passion for employee engagement, process improvement, and strategic/action planning. He has vast experience managing programs and projects of all sizes in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

He currently manages the employee engagement program for DHS-FEMA supporting over 22,000 emergency management employees with Human Capital strategies regarding performance, retention, diversity & Inclusion, and satisfaction initiatives.

Prior to joining the Office of Human Capital, Juan-Sebastian was a Project Manager and Emergency Management Specialist with the Office of Response and Recovery.

He was involved in several programs and projects including surge hiring, transitional sheltering, community services, voluntary agencies, facilities management, Information Technology, and call center operations.

Jonny Moreno - Software Consultant, Marketing Expert
With more than nine years of experience in full-stack web development and systems architecture, I am confident I will be an excellent fit for your business.
My experience has provided me with the innovative and technical skills necessary to successfully provide your company with multifaceted technical solutions across a wide range of software platforms.
I have refined my strengths through Eight years of where I provided solutions in database technology, programming, operating systems.

What to Expect

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