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Wedding Day Entertainment

Wedding Day Entertainment

After the ceremony, every one of your wedding guests is in a great mood and wants to start letting their hair down and enjoying the rest of the day. The wedding photographer’s primary time to snap the happy couple is the first thing after the wedding ceremony.

It means standing around for all the wedding guests, just waiting for their call to jump into one or two of the official photographs.

Why not hire a magician to wander around entertaining the wedding guests while they are standing around waiting for the photos to finish? It is an excellent time for a close-up magician to show off his (or her) skills – gathering small groups of guests together and giving the guests who don’t know each other something to discuss. 

Assuming the wedding photographer spends an hour or so on the official photographs, the magician could also spend a further hour entertaining the wedding guests once they have taken their seats for the wedding breakfast.

Entertainment Options.

If a magician is not your cup of tea, consider hiring a live musician to entertain the wedding guests during the meal. A solo guitarist or harpist can set a beautiful scene and create the perfect background ambiance for your special day.

Pianists are also a trendy idea for music to entertain your guests also.  And once the drinks flow, the wedding guests will request their favorite songs from the pianist.

Without being obtrusive or in the face of any wedding guests, a live musician playing soft music during your meal will make a perfect accompaniment and allow the conversations to keep flowing during your wedding day.

Wedding day Entertainment
Many options of Wedding day Entertainment

All the entertainment for your guests

After the meal In your Wedding day come the inevitable speeches from the bride’s father, the best man, and the groom himself.​

​Even the groom’s father gets involved quite often these days. If you want to make the speeches have that extra special touch, then consider hiring a professional toastmaster to introduce the speeches.

A toastmaster’s role at a wedding not only covers the speech introductions but they will ask the wedding guests to be seated and guide them through the meal.

A toastmaster on your wedding day...

Not only that, a toastmaster on your wedding day makes a fantastic photo opportunity and adds a touch of class to your big day.

During the speeches, think about your younger wedding guests – kids don’t have the patience to listen to schoolboy stories about the groom from his best man or how the bride’s father spent years worrying about his daughter.

Hiring children’s entertainment such as bouncy castles or children’s mobile crèche can keep all the kids entertained, leaving the adults to enjoy themselves and not worry that the young children are bored and moaning at the wedding.

Wedding Day Entertainment

After the speeches, the evening guests will arrive, and the wedding party begins.

The bride and groom must decide whether they want a wedding DJ to keep the guests dancing the night away or a live wedding band or duo to play great cover versions of popular music

The Wedding DJ or Wedding band can make or break your wedding reception. Whichever one you choose, they will entertain your wedding guests for around 5 hours of the day – this is the longest part of your wedding day, so ensure you choose your wedding DJ or band wisely.

Don’t just ask, “how much do you charge”. Try to get some background on these entertainers. Have your friends used the DJ for their wedding disco? Try to see the wedding band play live music at a wedding or other function before booking them.

You want to be confident and relaxed, knowing that your wedding reception will go with a bang and keep all the wedding guests entertained.

Entertainment at your wedding will create unforgettable moments.

As part of the entertainment on the wedding day
alongside the buffet for the guests, a fantastic little touch is to hire a chocolate fountain.
These can stand up to 50″ tall, and the cascading chocolate is enough to make any of your wedding guests want to try it.

Pure indulgence, but they look fantastic and give your wedding guests something to try and certainly something to talk about.

Hiring a chocolate fountain from a professional chocolate fountain company will ensure you receive smartly dressed staff to assist with the spray, a range of premium dipping options from fresh strawberries and other fruit, chocolate fudge brownies, and a variety of other tasty ideas!

Wedding Day Entertainment

Give your wedding reception a little wow factor and hire a chocolate fountain to treat the wedding guests.

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