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Wedding Music & Musicians for your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding music is where your contemporary taste and ideas meet traditionalism. Our creativity meets the tradition. It is best that you use your creativity and yet retain the event’s traditionalism. Yes, some songs are played at all weddings. But, you do not need to play the same themes. You can be a bit experimental.

The big three:

You need to make three big decisions while choosing the music for your wedding day and while planning a wedding ceremony. It would help if you decided whether to be sacred or secular. When you opt for a religious tradition, it is best to confirm with the officiant’s staff before choosing any particular tune.

VNV Events – Selected music for your wedding

Some religions follow stringent rules about the type of music you can and cannot play for a wedding, while others do not have restrictions. The second point of consideration is where you will use music in the ceremony. When do you think the piece would best suit and enhance the event’s significance, and what kind of music do you need to play. It is also essential to check the religious guidelines before making any firm decision.

VNV EventsLive music

Wedding ceremonies often have prelude and postlude of music. It is the instrumental music that is played before and after the ceremony. There is also processional and recessional music, which is played during the party’s entrance and exit. There will be one song of joy while the ceremonies are on, like in between the readings, while lighting the unity candle, or at any point where it is convenient. The third consideration is what tone you wish to set for your wedding. You may prefer a classical feel, light-hearted feel, folk hymns, or even jazz.

VNV Events – A DJ brings the variety of music for your wedding.

It is entirely your choice and decision—one of the most important decisions that reflect your personality and beliefs. If you have live music or singing, what songs would you want to focus on, romantic, love or friendship, shared goals, commitment to God? You can experiment with music and personalize music as you set on wedding planning.

Band or a DJ?

You need to ask yourself if you want a live band or a disc jockey. While both are good options for wedding reception planning, the atmosphere that they create differs. A band makes an impressive visual impression on the guests and is the best way to interact with the guests and keep them involved and interested. There is no substitute for the vibrancy and warmth of a live acoustic instrument.

While a band gets in oodles of atmosphere, it may not have the variety of music that a DJ can bring in on occasion.

You can hire a variety of bands to introduce a variety to the music, but you cannot just match the music base of a DJ. A DJ will have a more comprehensive selection of music than a band will have; last but not least, you will always find the DJ near to your wedding, it will make everything more practical for you on your special day.

Music adds life and excitement to the wedding, and the best part of it is that you choose the kind of music you both love, this way, it helps you both to share your music.

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