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Factors to Consider While Selecting a Wedding Venue

Your Wedding day will undoubtedly be the most important and happiest day of your life. You can ensure that everything goes well on this special occasion with proper planning. Your venue is an essential part of your wedding. You will want it perfect. Choosing an ideal wedding venue is one of the most critical and difficult decisions you have to make. It should fit into your style, budget, and many other requirements.

Factors to consider

Many couples who start looking for venues often fall for the beauty of the place, ignoring more practical things. It will help if you consider some crucial factors before making your selection. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a wedding venue are:


You should first set a budget aside for your wedding venue and stick to it. There are many different venues available to suit all different tastes and budgets. From Hotels to Castles, Barns to Stately Homes, and Sporting Venues to romantic seaside hotels. You do not always need to spend a fortune to get the venue of your dreams. There are enough venues that offer excellent facilities at reasonable prices. The only thing you need to do is spend some time, use your imagination, and research as many platforms as possible before making your decision.

2-The Ceremony

Suppose you plan to hold your wedding ceremony and reception simultaneously; you should choose a licensed venue for civil marriage ceremonies. Some couples get married in a church and then use their chosen venue for their reception. Others prefer the wedding ceremony and reception both at the same place. Having both the ceremony and reception in the exact location will reduce the time and effort you and your guests in traveling from church to venue.

3-Venue size

The number of guests you are expecting for your wedding will decide your venue. You will require a more prominent platform if you intend to invite many guests. If you are going to have a smaller, more intimate wedding with only a few guests, some venues have specific rooms for this purpose. After all, you and your guests don’t want to be ‘rattling’ around. With many country venues, a Marquee is possible on the grounds to accommodate larger weddings.

4-Wedding venue location

One of the factors that you need to consider is the location of your wedding venue. Make sure that if you are planning to get married at a Church, your reception venue is not too far for guests to travel without getting lost. An excellent way to insure against this is to provide transportation. Alternatively, remember to give maps to everyone.

5-Number of Guests

Check whether the venue you are hiring has the capacity for the number of guests you will be inviting for both the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. Check if the place is suitable for the disabled, elderly, and young children. Ask the venue if they provide a complimentary room for the couple to change or relax. Check that the platform has ample parking or supply guests with details of the nearest place to park should the car park be entire.

6-Wedding photos

Your wedding photography will capture the most important day of your life, so now is not the time to cut costs. Although a favorite Uncle may be great with a camera, don’t take chances. Use a professional photographer. Look for a photographer with many years of experience and look at examples of their work to ensure you are happy with their specific style. Check that you are satisfied with the locations offered by the venue for photographic opportunities. Outdoor sites often take good photographs as natural light helps take fantastic pictures.

7-Food and Drink

Catering is a significant factor of any wedding. Many venues offer combined food and drink packages to suit different budgets, offering the best value for money. You need to select a menu considering your budget and what most of your guests would like to eat rather than chancing anything too spicy or too rare. Check if the location has in-house Catering or if they use recommended caterers and can supply you with a list of companies to contact.

Apart from the abovementioned factors, you need to consider the deposit required for any hidden costs and check any overtime charges. Knowing what to ask will help you find your perfect wedding venue.

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