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What’s the Difference Between an Event Planner and an Event Stylist?

What’s the Difference Between an Event Planner and an Event Stylist?

Event planner and event stylist may overlap in many places where people are new to the field of orchestrating an event. However, scratch beneath the surface and these professions are worlds apart, each with a unique set of knowledge and creative ingenuity they use to execute an event. For those of you looking to create an event that shines above the rest, the detailed differences between event planner and event stylist are important to understand.

An event planner serves as the center of all the logistics of an event, tying together all the moving parts in order to create a seamless event. From a conceptual standpoint to the tactical implementation, this is all about the global play and all of the granular details that build it in. A bastion of an event planner similar as well, is selecting the right venue, working with vendors in segments from caterers to entertainers, managing budgets to ensure fiscal responsibility, and managing the logistical symphony of schedules and guest movements. They are the fixers, the personnel who, when the going gets tough, calm, cool and collected, announce, as one, that there has been rain and move forward, ensuring the event carries on.

In contrast, the event stylist lives in a world of style and concept, and it is that their space of genius, taking the visible and experiential elements of the magic of an experience. While the planner maps out the route, the stylist paints the backdrop. This position is much more than just bringing in the florals; this role tells a story through visuals and creates atmospheres to feel, designing experiences that last long after your special event is over. Every single detail you see in an event—from the flower arrangements and lightings to the placements and ambiance of the whole place—is well-curated by an Event Stylist who keeps in sync the overall mood and theme of the event.

The planner handles organizational aspects whereas the stylist adds creativity and beauty to every detail the client has in mind. They are skilled in creating worlds within spaces, and can turn a standard conference room into a black-tie gala or a blank loft into a fairytale wonderland. A stylist adding their imagination to the plot is necessary to turn any event from notable to magic.


The difference between an event planner and an event stylist focuses on where each person is paying the most attention to and how that person is able to help out with an event. The planner is the architect, creating the blueprint for the event, while the stylist is the artist, painting within those blueprints on the canvas.

Both roles are pivotal, serving as the yin to the other’s yang, to truly create a harmonious and wondrous experience from an event where the logistics are seamless and the aesthetics are breathtaking.


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